Which Pick-Up Truck Is Right For Me?

by Sisbarro Truck Store
10/25/2019 - Las Cruces, NM


Are you in the market for a used truck? With almost every automotive brand offering some form of truck in their lineup, the choices can seem endless. Luckily, our Las Cruces used truck dealer has plenty of capable used trucks to choose from and is here to outline what to look for in each model to ensure you find the right vehicle for your needs.

What Will I Be Using my Pickup Truck for?

When it comes to buying a used truck you'll want to spend some time researching each vehicle diligently to determine which model is the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle. For example, a truck that's going to be used for hauling mulch or hitching a trailer might not need the same towing capabilities as the one you plan to use driving around Las Cruces, such as the Chevrolet Avalanche. Having a rough idea of how you plan to use your next truck can help both you and our team hone in on the perfect fit.


Which Engine and Axle Ratio Work Best for What I Need?

As endless as your options for a used truck model might seem, the choices for engines and axle ratios are doubly so. Finding the perfect combination of the two will again depend heavily upon your trucking requirements but in many cases, diesel engines are better for towing while gas engines are less expensive to maintain. Your choice in axle ratio will also directly affect the fuel economy and towing capacity of the used pick-up truck so be mindful when selecting a model.

Make Note of Must-Have Features When Buying A Pickup

From passenger space and connective technology to upholstery options and trim, there are a plethora of pick-up truck packages on the market. Our Southern NM pre-owned truck headquarters recommends prospective buyers made a list of their top features and rank them by importance to ensure they end up behind the wheel of a pre-owned truck they'll love for years to come.

You Can't Buy These Trucks Anywhere Else!

Once you've discovered the perfect model for your needs, get in touch with us at Sisbarro Truck Store for assistance financing and scheduling a test drive. From big to small we've got them all and no matter which capable used truck you've set your sights on, we're confident you'll find your four-wheeled match at Sisbarro Truck Store! Conveniently located in Las Cruces, we also proudly serve Alamogordo.


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